Passover Hints

1. Name 3 passover foods on the sedar plate.
2. The jews were kicked out of _______
3. Who kicked them out? __________
4. God got mad at the Pharo and sent ____ plagues.
5. Name some plagues that befell the mean Egyptians. ________ ________ ________
6. God said the first born sons would die. So he told the jews to put what on their door steps?______________________
7. What would happen if the blood was on the door posts?____________________
8. The Egyptians chases the jews out of Egypt by land or sea or air._________________
9. In their haste, the jews made flat bread that didn't rise called______
10. After the cedar, grandpa hides the _______, and the kid who finds it gets $.


1. matzoh, salt water, egg, parsley, chicken bone.
2. Egypt
3. The pharo of Egypt.
4. eights plagues
5. frogs, locusts, flood, hail, dead cows
6. blood of a dead calf.
7. The angel of death would pass over (Passover) and first born son would not die.
8. sea.
9. matzoh
10. afacomin

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